(( Now watch me disappear again for another couple months ))

(( Hi this account still exists. ))

(( Woooow. I log onto this account for the first time in months and only three people are actively posting.

Everyone must have closed their accounts or poofed. ))

((Ah, thank you! And I’d like to thank you as well, for being a part of this group and showing us your great writing skills! Much luck in the future with school and all that, and hopefully we’ll still see ya around! :D))


(( Thanks! I’ll try my best. My ultimate goal is to be a Voice Actor or Voice Over.

Yes! I’ll still be around a bit on theawkwardfianceclive for Caitlin/Fluttershy’s sake. Once the spring rolls around, they’ll be very busy with the wedding!

But if I get more time, i’ll definitely come back onto Emmy again.

I figured though, why keep taking up a space in tTp if I’m not here? I wanted to let a different emmy take the spot, like you or whoever. Probably you though ahaha. ))

(( Posting for the first time in a month to say ))

(( Several things.

First, thank you to everyone. You are all my wonderful friends who I couldn’t imagine without now. I’m so sad I don’t get to talk to many of you anymore due to college duties, family, and life in general. But I still appreciate you so much.

Holly, Hannah, Meg, Caitlin, Ginko, Jackie, Princey, Anna aaahhhhhh AND MANY PEOPLE WHOS NAMES IM FORGETTING BECAUSE IM BAD WITH THEM but I love you alllll from the bottom of my heart. Thank you thank you thank you.

The second thing I wanted to say is that sadly, I won’t roleplaying Emmy anymore. Just because I don’t have time anymore. College is sucking up all my time, and next semester I’ll be working full time and be a full time student.

Being Emmy with you guys has been amazing. So many months of drama, laughter, and complete and utter fun.

I know that Ginko, however, is a wonderful Emmy, so I don’t have to worry. She has so much sass, yet just enough feminine quirks to really make her soar.

So thank you again, everyone. Thank you. I hope to be saying thank you again to everyone next year.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here in the US, and a wonderful day to everyone not here ))

(( oh everyone is going on hiatus ))

(( Well then, I shall join the party!

I’m doing along the same lines as Brenda; playing through Last Specter and then revamping Emmy.

When I get back, Holly and I planned some dramatic stuff~ :o So look forward to that!

So i’ll see you all in about a week or two! (I tend to blaze through PL since I’m good at puzzles ahaha. ))


Anonymous asked: You're welcome, sis Emmy! d(^w^)b I'll be a good lil sis to you, m'kay?

"I should hope so! And since I will be your older sister, I will look out for you whenever you need help!"


Anonymous asked: is it true you are Luke's surrogate mother?

"Surrogate mother? No… no I don’t believe I’ve ever been that sort of person to Luke. I’ve always considered him to be more of sorts like a little brother."